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An early season outing for a Canadian is difficult with most of their bike work restricted to home trainers. With tire pressures checked, double checked and then checked again it's time to get on the wetsuits and head over to the start. The swim drop zone is now a huge mountain and we make our way eventually down to the beach. There are already huge crowds with the African dancers livening things up on the beach in front of the starting tape facing the athletes. The start area is very wide and there is no jostling for position among the AGers. The Pros are about 10 meters in front in their own section. A small technical point I'll touch on here. I have now got into the habit of putting the swim goggles under the swim cap and I can not for the life of me work out why the majority don't do the same. This protects my goggles from being swept off by a stray hand, something that happened to a friend of mine at Embrunman. He was very lucky because at the time his arm followed through the swim stroke and happened upon the goggles in the water. It's usually not light when Embrunman starts, so but for this stroke of luck, his whole race would have been ruined. Something else I do slightly different to most is have my tri suit unzipped under my wetsuit. The first time I swam with a tri suit underneath a wet suit I felt very claustrophobic and restricted. The next two races I swam with the upper half of the tri suit rolled around my waist, but I thinking this time I can get away with just happing it unzipped. The last thing I need is to break the zipper on my suit as I feed the arms in T1. This is exactly how I broke my club tri suit just a few weeks previously, fortunately not in a race, so I settle on this compromise. It's also one less step in my T1 process. I check my watch for the ready and wait for the start. I'm right at the front of the wave and we charge down the sandy beach and into the surf. At about thigh height I dive into the water and begin my swim stroke. There is really not much bumping at all going on even if there is a 90 degree turn at 300 metres. The time quickly passes and at the congestion builds at the first bouy. In fact it's a complete traffic jam and having been stopped for 10 15 seconds I follow a few of the swimmers who have ducked inside the buoy and head off on the 700m stretch to the 1Km buoy. A few hundred meters later I get that sniff of diesel in the water. Almost as I'm telling myself not to get any in my mouth, I catch a mouthful and immediately start choking it out. I recall STer Julian Allen's experience from 2006 in the same race and also testimony from other triathletes who have imbibed diesel. It's not good and can have permanent effects on your digestive system. I get going again and try to draft as much as I can. I'm successful for a few hundred metres but eventually lose the guy in front. There are no intermediate buoys so its difficult to get a good line on the next marker from a distance. The swell and chop are building up a bit too. I'm breathing on every third stroke on alternate sides and every alternate breath I search the skyline for the buoy. Eventually I see it and mark its place against a taller land mark behind it since the conditions are such that you don't get to see the buoys every time you look for them. Finally I arrive at the 1Km mark. I'm hoping for a 17 minute time here and I'm rather shocked to see that 20 minutes have already passed. Another 90 degree turn which congests the field a lot and there is a 200 meter stretch to the next buoy before we turn 90 degrees again for the journey back. On the way back the sea conditions worsen a little more, we arrive at the 4th buoy and then turn right for the finally 129 meters back to the beach. I come out of the water and get a time check. 42 minutes. I'm stunned. This is going to give me a 1h25 swim which will be my slowest ever by far, And that's even if I can swim the second lap as fast as the first which we never do since we tire and lose the draft as the field thins out. I'm very concerned at this point as I head back into the water for the second lap. This is a new experience for me as all my previous IMs I have swum better than expected. I make the first buoy again and head for the second time on the long 700 meter stretch. I smell diesel at exactly the same place and although I managed not to get any in my mouth this time it still gives me nausea. As I approach the 1Km buoy (2.9Km total) in 1 hour my stomach starts to feel really heavy and I know I'll need a pit stop very soon. I'm also peeing regularly which is unusual and worrying. I make the turn and then the next one and start on the long straight back for the last time. I'm feeling really ill now and the sea chop and swell has gotten even worse. About half way through this part I turn over onto my back and pause for a few seconds, I start up again and then vomit a few times. I continue onwards but I know that I'm not swimming close to the speed I can do, I just want to get this over with now and I'm not sure I even want to get on the bike. I finally reach the last buoy and head for shore, vomiting a few more times even in that short distance. I finally see swimmers standing up next to me, I take a few more strokes in the water and then do the same and start wading out wondering what I'm going to do at this point. Its moments like these that I love. I'd planned and rehearsed the T1 transition so much that two things occur. Firstly I'm determined to see exactly what kind of T1 time I can do and secondly, as I exit the water, the preparation and training completely take over and it's like I'm on autopilot. One of the more positive things I did tell myself during the swim was that the conditions were the same for everyone, and indeed they were. The only six athletes came out the water in less than 1hour. My time ended up being 1h34m093. A 50+minute second lap!!!!! If I would have held on to that positive thought a little more the I wouldn't have lost an additional 10 minutes on the swim out of discouragement. I had the feeling that I was somewhere near the end of the pack when in fact I was 782 out of the 1308 finishers. Middle of the pack, but I think a lack of effort on the second half cost me 300 places. The HRM data shows a good solid effort for the first lap with and average HR of 142bpm and then a continual decline during the second lap with an average of 116bpm. Faster than Natascha Badmann and another 9 of the 28 pros. In fact I had the 29th fastest T1 time overall and by the time I was on the bike I had passed 210 athletes since exiting the water and I was in 572nd place.
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